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Bath Parents
Social Group for Parents in Bath, Somerset
2 Members in this group

bedfordshire single parents
hi be great to start a group for local counties for get togethers of single parents,days out ,holidays,barbecues and parent only nights out,WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!
5 Members in this group

Single parents from Birmingham
1 Members in this group

Lets get busy together,on becoming a memeber of the site was shocked to see that there were no calender events organized in our area, so thought we could come together and get the show on the road. Look forward to meeting you all x
1 Members in this group

Want to find local parents to bristol? Join this group!
8 Members in this group

carlisle lone parents group
hi thinking of starting a lone parent group in carlisle soon so if you interested let me know. i hope it will be fun lots of fun for the children and adults.
1 Members in this group

Is anyone interested in days out to the park, farm, beach or general activities locally.
4 Members in this group

crawley single mums 'n' dads
a group for all single mums n dads in and around crawley.
4 Members in this group

derbyshire get togethers
no-ones taking notice of the local to me boards but it would be nice if we could have some get togethers sometimes!!!!
13 Members in this group

Doncaster / Yorkshire
Hi, just to let you know that there are people in Yorskhire other then yourselves. Im based in Doncaster, but would love to set up some meets around & about. If anyone has a suggestion, do let me know, and we can get together. Jane
4 Members in this group

dorset parents
it would be nice to meet other dorset people to share days out together and it would bea really good way to make new friends.
5 Members in this group

Dorset Singles
Hi I have 2 boys 4 and 7, looking for similar parents to meet weekends for trips, walks, picnics, fun days out, open to ideas.Dads or Mums welcome Lookforward to hearing from you soon John
1 Members in this group

Eastbourne Social
Are you Sociable And Single (and over 30?) Do you want to meet new people? Why not join our social group? You can go to as many arranged events as you like, meeting new people in a relaxed, informal way. Why not suggest events youíve always wanted to try but never had the chance to do? Itís a great way to meet new friends or, perhaps even that special person. We meet once a month to plan events for the following month and then email the list of events to all members. What are you waiting for? Phone today! Telephone Carol on 07791 879990 or email for more details and to join the S.A.S!
2 Members in this group

Edinburgh Single Parents?
Hi everybody I was just wondering how many of you are in or near Edinburgh? That's where I am with my four year old boy so perhaps we could arrange a local meet-up (or is there already a group?...not sure how this works!)....
11 Members in this group

getting to know you
Living in oxfordshire? On your own with children? Are you Are you looking for some adult company for friendships or more? or just fun day out with the kids.
1 Members in this group

Be nice to get to know people in the area. I'm actually in clydebank but thought that'd be a bit limiting and Glasgow's easy to get to and there's loads to do there. How about meeting up for theatre, museums, cinema? esp in school hols
7 Members in this group

Anyone who is from Hampshire or other near counties, for meeting up or just being friends on here!
15 Members in this group

looking to meet people in my local area which is shrewsbury
0 Members in this group

For mummies and daddies in Kent
9 Members in this group

Kids and dog/s outdoors fun
Interested in meeting other mums and dads for outdoors fun at the weekends with both kids and dog/s. Mostly walking, but picnics and camping would be fun too. x
5 Members in this group

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